The village weaver bird

The village weaver bird is endemic to sub-Saharan Africa. Village Weavers are territorial colonial nesters, with colonies of about 10-300 breeding males. The males are responsible for building the nests, which are never used more than once. Each male builds 3 to 5 nests and it takes him about 9 to 14 hours to complete one. Nests are typically attached to the thin branches of free-standing trees. After completion of the nests, the male will defend his small territory around his nests, displaying to the females, attracting their attention to his nests. If accepted by the female, he will add a short entrance tunnel, while the female lines the interior with soft grass heads and feathers. The female usually lays between 2-5 eggs.

(Thanks to for the indepth information on this cool little bird and Chester Zoo for the opportunity to photograph their colony in action!)