It started with an egg...

From a burrow deep in the Kaweka Range, this little egg was externally pipped when it arrived at Pūkaha National Wildlife Centre, an unfenced sanctuary for native wildlife. As part of Operation Nest Egg, this egg was placed safely in an incubator to ensure its chances of survival - an Operation Nest Egg bird has a 65% chance of surviving to adulthood, while a wild-born chick has just a 5% chance.

Turns out this little egg had a little problme... however luck was on it's side! Malpositioned in the egg, the large feet were getting in the way of an easy hatch, so I was fortunate enough to 'assist hatch' this little lady and welcome her into the world! A malpositioned chick like this would have not survived in the egg, so this is one extra kiwi that gets to join it's kiwi cousins out in the creche ran by ECOED.

Raised in a brooder until the little chick was 400g and at 17 days old, the little girl was released into the creche in the Hawkes Bay on 31st December. There is nothing more rewarding than helping conservation programmes and releasing endangered species into the wild.

All 3 of those links above not only have fantastic information about the conservation programmes happening here in NZ, but they also have an opportunity to get involved. From donating, becoming a member to even joining in as a volunteer, take a look!

One of the cutest kiwi around! Enjoy your freedom little one!