The Burrow

I was so lucky today to be shown around this brand new kiwi hatching facility in Taupo. My partner is currently spending some time working with the kiwi here, so naturally I had to check it out! From kiwi chick feeds, to eggs hatching all in one day I was so excited to be a part of it all, and photograph new kiwi chicks!

"The Crombie Lockwood Kiwi Burrow, located within the world-class Wairakei Golf Course, North of Taupō, is the only incubation facility in New Zealand inside a predator free area. The purpose-built incubation facility can hatch and brood around 150 kiwi chicks every year once operating at capacity, and will nearly double the number of eggs incubated annually in the North Island.

As part of Kiwis for kiwi’s strategy, the facility has been specifically designed to incubate kiwi eggs and hold the young chicks until around three to four weeks old before being released to kōhanga kiwi, predator-free sites. These are usually fenced areas or islands which provide a nursery for the permanent population. The chicks will grow, find a partner, breed and in the future, when the site nears capacity, their offspring, once one kilogram, will be removed and released to safe places in the wild." - Kiwisforkiwi website

I will share more photos to my Facebook page as they are used :)