The Blue & gold macaw

Probably my most favourite of the large parrot species! I met this stunning macaw, Julie in Parc des Oiseaux in France. Julie is part of Free Flight performance where a variety of species fly free around an arena during a talk. Unlike many other bird shows this one entirely focuses on demonstrating the birds natural behaviours and flight skills. It was so nice to meet the birds up close and personally and see how much the keepers cared for them.

The first and last photo however are from Touroparc, a little zoo in a small town in France. The last photo inspired my watercolour Blue & Gold Macaw piece, one of my first completed and like the bird itself, probably still my favourite one to date!

My partner worked in both these places and gained so many skills and bird knowledge that I am slowly learning each day working alongside her with New Zealands birds. If it wasn't for her, I would not have had the chance to see many of these species let alone photograph them so close! I know she won't read this, but I thank her everyday for all she has taught me. Jess - keep being amazing and you! Thank you. X

Watercolour piece inspired by the blue and gold macaw I met in France