Three little kiwi

What a surreal day! Today we officially celebrated the launch of 'Three Little Kiwi'! Illustrated by Angelique Hicks, a very talented young artist, this story has been many years in the making! Based on true events, three little kiwi once found the gate open to their enclosure and went to explore the bigger takahe pen at Pukaha National Wildlife Centre. Since 2014 I have enjoyed retelling the adventures of the three little kiwi to school groups who have come through, family and friends, and after hearing once again 'this would make a great children's book' I thought, why not! Let's do this!

A massive thank you to everyone who came, was lovely seeing you all there and hearing your kind words. Once again, a massive thank you to Angelique @angeliques_art for the incredible illustrations, bringing this story to life!

You can buy your copy here!

Myself and Angelique