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From birds to horses, I have always loved animals so combining my passion for photography with wildlife just made sense! From wild Kaimanawa horses, to local native birds, each image captures a moment in time of some of my favourite critters that call New Zealand home.

I hope you enjoy browsing these images as much as I did taking them!

I am one of those very fortunate people who get to combine my passion with work. My love of birds started in New Zealand, with a little kokako by the name of Kahurangi. I began volunteering at Pukaha National Wildlife Centre in the Waiararapa in 2012, and instantly fell in love with the native bush and all its inhabitants. I always had an interest in photography, but the birds here really kickstarted my photography career, as well as the support from family, friends and colleagues.

Now a full time Conservation Ranger & Technical Advisor, my role takes me deep into the lives of native birds, and how they are impacted by the world around them. By working in 'Breed for Release' progammes for many critically endangered species, documenting their journey is something I really enjoy sharing, as I often get to see aspects of their life you wouldn't normally. I have a very high expectation of myself when it comes to 'Ethical Photography', as I do believe you can see how comfortable an animal is in each and every photograph.

Each imagine tells a story of a moment in time of that particular animal, one that I hope inspires you to do your own bit for conservation, wherever you may be!

Protecting Nature

Every photo taken, from birds on the wing to chicks in the nest has been taken to ensure minimum disturbance to the animal. Images are taken naturally as the animal or bird goes about it's daily life or is receiving health checks from a dedicated Ranger or carer.
No wildlife is disturbed in taking these images and proceeds from the photos sold goes back to conservation projects relating to that species.

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Grey Ghost

Have you seen the Spring 2021 issue of Forest & Bird magazine? By becoming a member of Forest & Bird you will receive this quarterly magazine, full of amazing conservation stories here in NZ.

Occasionally you might spy one of my photos in an article, but this is the first time I have featured on the front cover, doesn't it look amazing?! Their graphic designers did the piece wonders. Grey Ghost features the striking orange wattles of the South Island Kokako, potentially extinct, but with sightings still being recorded today, I still believe there is a chance we will see this bird again.

Forest & Bird is a charity dedicated to protecting wildlife and vital conservation work; find out more on their website.

Forest & Bird Magazine Spring 2021