Feathers - Huruhuru

I decided to set myself a little challenge; to photograph as many New Zealand native birds up close, showcasing their incredible plumage in a light that not everyone gets to witness. From afar, a tui appears a simple black, yet up close there is a sparkle of purple and blue iridescent. The kereru, seemingly a grey pigeon with a white chest, however on closer inspection the kereru is almost rainbow coloured.

North Island Kaka Feathers Macro


Antipodes Island Parakeet Feathers Macro

Antipodes Island Parakeet

Kokako Feathers Macro


Hawk Feathers Macro

Kahu - Harrier Hawk

Morepork ruru feathers wing macro

Ruru - Morepork

Tui feathers close up macro


Whio Blue duck feathers macro

Whio - Blue Duck

kereru wood pigeon feathers macro

Kererū - Wood Pigeon

Kea feathers macro


Tūturuatu shore plover feathers macro

Tūturuatu - Shore Plover

Albatross feathers macro

Toroa - Albatross

Pateke brown teal duck feathers macro

Pāteke - Brown Teal

North Island Brown Kiwi

Kiwi Pukupuku - Little Spotted Kiwi

Roroa - Grey Spotted Kiwi

Weweia - Dabchick

Kororā - Little Blue Penguin

Moho Pererū - Banded Rail

Tīeke - Saddleback (NI)


Ruddy Turnstone

Pīpīwharauroa - Shining Cuckoo

Koekoeā - Longtailed Cuckoo