Lavender abbey

This weekend we decided to go check out the beautiful lavender fields on Dalefield Road, just south of Carterton, Wairarapa. Down a lovely country road, the carpark was full, entry was just a gold coin and only $5 to pick your own bunch of lavender, which of course I had to do as well! There were also a variety of lovely lavender treats for sale, of which I treated myself to a lipbalm after spending a few hours in the sun soaking in all the fragrances and sights.

Playing with the white balance presets.

It was a bee paradise!

The tungsten light setting was my favourite to highlight the colours of the flowers.

Honey Bee Paradise

It was a bumble bee and honey bee haven! Each delicately taking nectar from each of the flowers and pollinating along the way. We were very fortunate to have untouched rows of lavender in which the insects were thriving. It was lovely watching the families picking their bunches, friends doing fun photo shoots and butterflies flitting between the rows. What was suspected to be a quick visit turned into a few hours that flew by!

Thank you Karen and Jan for the lovely morning out, Jan your place is stunning!

Fine art prints

Lavender Fields

Lavender Field

Behind the scenes!